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Free logos? Yeah right! What is the catch?

No catch. The free logos on LogoLogo.com really are free. No payment required. No registration required. Just download and use.

What can I use my free logo for?

There are almost no limitations. As long as you don't compete with us you'll be fine. If you are a business owner looking for a free logo to use in your business, LogoLogo.com is for you. If you are a logo designer looking for logos to redistribute, LogoLogo.com is not for you.

Can I trademark the free logo I get from you?

No, that won't work. The free logos remain our property. You do not own the logos you download. You only receive a licence to legally use the logo(s) in your business. Others may also download and use the same logos. You can only claim/register a trademark if the logo is unique to your business. You are of course welcome to hire a logo designer to modify the logo for you. If the modified logo differs significantly from the original, then you can claim/register the modified logo as a trademark.

Do you make these free logos yourselves?

Yes, they are all in-house designs, created by our full-time designers. LogoLogo.com is part of a larger company which operates a graphic design firm. Sometimes we create logos that our clients reject. Some of those logos are resold as pre-designed logos and some make their way here, to be given away for free. We don't ever use clip art or templates in our logo designs. Each logo is an original.

Can I buy one of your free logos to get exclusive ownership?

Unfortunately not. Each logo is downloaded and used by many different companies who obtain a licence from us (by downloading a logo) to legally use the logo in their businesses. If we gave you exclusive ownership, that would break our agreement with all users who downloaded that logo before you.

The same applies when you order customization of a logo from us. The new, customized logo that we make especially for you is 100% yours, but the original logo as it appears on our web site will remain on the site, available to other users who may also use/customize it.

What file formats do you provide?

The free logos are offered in industry-standard web and print formats. Specifically you will be downloading a ZIP file containing the logo in JPG, PSD, vector EPS, PDF and AI formats.

The formats supplied with an exclusive logo depend on the designer. Usually the logos are offered in industry-standard vector and raster formats. If you are unsure, click on the logo for details.

Do you offer any support with your free logos?

We hope to be able to provide support with our free logos in future, but for the time being we can provide support only to paying clients. So the answer is "no", unfortunately - unless you hire us to modify one of the free logos for you.

How do I edit the text?

The placeholder text in the free logos is converted to outlines. This simply means that the text is not editable. Your best bet is to remove the placeholder text from the design completely and to add your own text. The font information is not available unfortunately and we do not supply the font files along with the design files.

If you can't edit the text yourself, consider hiring a designer to do it for you. The LogoLogo design team could also take care of the changes for you - for less than $50! Simply find your favorite logo and click the "Changes" button located directly below the green "Download" button.

How can I determine what font was used in a logo?

We do not distribute font files and font information is unfortunately not saved with the logo. Your best bet would be to use a font recognition system like whatthefont.com.

Keep in mind though: The font used is a suggestion only. Ideally you should change the logo, the colors, the font and the text before you use the logo on your web site or in your business.


If your question is not answered in the FAQ above, please contact us.

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