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Are these logos really free? What's the catch?!

Yes, the free logos on LogoLogo.com are 100% free. No catch. You are not required to pay or even to register. Anyone can download and use our free logos.

What may I use the logo for?

You may use our free logos for almost anything. As long as you don't use them to compete with us, you'll be within the rules. You are welcome to use a free logo for your business. Also see the full license agreement (which basically just says "don't compete with us!")

How often do you add new free logos?

As often as we can! Normally we add about 20 new logos every month.

Where do you get these logos?

We make them ourselves! LogoLogo.com is a division of the DIRcreative Group, which owns a successful, brick-and-mortar graphic design company. The free logos on offer here are made in-house by our own logo designers. Some are spin-offs from paid logo design projects. The majority are designed specifically to be given away for free on LogoLogo.com.

We do not use templates or clip art in our designs, ever. Each logo is designed from scratch.

When I download a free logo, do I own it?

No, you receive a licence to legally use the logo. Others may also download and use the same logo. The only way to own one of our free logos is to hire a designer to modify it for you. If it is modified to the extent that it is destinctly different from the original (trademarkable), then the new logo is 100% yours - depending on the agreement you have with the designer who modified the logo for you.

How do I get my free logo customized?

If you need it customized, our designers can take care of the customization for you! Simply find your favorite logo, click on "Download", then select the "I want changes" option


View the Free Logos


Custom Logos

If you prefer having your logo designed from scratch and not made available to anyone else, see our custom logo options.


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