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Buying a Ready-Made Logo

You've made at least two good decisions today.

You decided to spend money on a logo and you decided to check out this page before you do.

Great going!

Follow the pointers on this page and you'll make another good decision when you pick your logo vendor :) See the logos for sale comparison further down the page.

1. Cost

You can expect to pay $100 and up. Pre-designed logos can sell for $1,000, but the average is about $220. Price can be a little deceptive here. Don't assume that paying more gets you a better logo. Price can be a quality indicator, but it also depends on how eager the designer is to make a sale.

If you find pre-designed logos priced under $95, be careful. Read the terms and conditions. You are probably not buying exlcusive rights to the logo!

2. Ownership

This is an important bit because this is where dishonest logo vendors pull the wool over your eyes.

If you are paying your hard-earned cash to buy a logo, you want it to be yours alone. You do not want to share the logo with a bunch of other companies. So make sure you understand what you are paying for before placing your order. Reputable logo vendors give you exclusive ownership by transferring the copyright to you. You don't want anything less than the copyright. I'll give you links to reputable logo vendors further down.

3. Changes

If you do not have the ability to edit the logo yourself, then make sure the seller offers customization of the logo. Customization is usually included in the price. Ideally you want to receive unlimited revisions, which means the seller commits to changing the logo until you are 100% happy with it.

4. Guarantee

It is easy to slap a "Satisfaction Guaranteed" image on a web site. Unfortunately there are logo companies that will show an image like that prominently while not really guaranteeing your satisfaction. If you see a guarantee badge, click it for details. If it is not clickable, don't buy from them.

Ideally you want a money-back guarantee. A satisfaction guarantee simply means that the designer will work with you to change the logo until you are satisfied. A money-back guarantee gives you way out if the designer does not deliver.

Good places to buy your logo


Biz-Logo is one of the oldest sellers of pre-designed logos on the web. They offer good quality logos at a good price. Customization and copyright transfer is included with every logo.

Logos are $95 to $145

Visit Biz-Logo



Very high quality logos and a long and good track record in logo sales. Customization and copyright transfer is included with every logo.

Logos are $150 and up

Visit LogoGround



A Biz-Logo.com spin-off site, LetterLogos.com does exactly the same thing as parent company Biz-Logo, but specializes in letter logos. If you want your company initial(s) as your logo, check them out before ordering a custom logo.

Logos are $95, which is low considering the high quality.

Visit LetterLogos



The quality of the logos offered for sale on LogoAnts.com is not very high and there are not many logos, but the price is low and it includes customization and copyright transfer. There is also a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Logos are $99

Visit LogoAnts


LogoGround wins, right?

Yes, LogoGround.com is an obvious choice. Very high quality logos, realistically priced. Biz-Logo.com is definitely also worth a look.

Proper Disclosure

And it's not even in fine print!

We are affiliated in some way to each of the logo companies listed here. If you click on one of the links and decide to buy a logo, we get a small kickback for the referral. Affiliation did not influence the opinions or ratings above and we are convinced that you are in good hands with any of these options.


Custom Logos


Like the idea of a bespoke, hand-crafted logo?

You're not alone. Most businesses opt for a custom logo - and custom logos are not as expensive as you might think!


See custom logo options


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