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Free Food Logos ( 7 and counting! )
This is our collection of food logos which includes logos that could work for restaurants and fast food outlets. Something to remember with food logos: Color really matters here. Colors should look almost edible! Avoid bright greens and blues. Warm colors like reds and yellows work really well - just ask McDonald's, KFC, Pizza Hut, Burger King and a thousand others who's logos are primarily red and yellow. But there is also an opportunity here: If differentiation is important to your restaurant or food-related company, you can do it with colors alone. In fact, any classy restaurant should think twice before throwing themselves into the red and yellow club.

Non-exclusive, 100% free Food Logos. We recommend having a designer customize your logo before you use it commercially.

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Coffee Cup Logo
Coffee Cup Logo
Chef Logo
Chef Logo
Happy Plant Man Logo
Happy Plant Man Logo
Pizza Logo
Pizza Logo
Pizza World Logo
Pizza World Logo
Rainbow Flower Logo
Rainbow Flower Logo
Apple Logo
Apple Logo

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World Food Logo$145 (USD)
Wine Logo$145 (USD)
Wine Glass Logo$145 (USD)
Wine Bottles Logo$145 (USD)
Waiter With Tray Logo$145 (USD)
Waiter Logo$145 (USD)
Tropical Bar Logo$145 (USD)
Sweets Logo$145 (USD)
Steaming Coffee Cup Logo$145 (USD)
Steak House Logo$145 (USD)
Spoon Logo$145 (USD)
Smiling Chef Logo$145 (USD)
Smart Tomato Logo$145 (USD)
Simple Food Logo$145 (USD)
Simple Chef's Hat Logo$145 (USD)


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