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Our collection of fitness logos and gym logos - and generally any logo that has to do with physical exercise and training, including jogging logos, running logos etc. In physical fitness and training logos we usually aim for a logo that has a clear sense of movement, or at least activity. The exception is logos for bodybuilding gyms, where a more static image tends to work better. If you are running a gym or fitness center and need help with a logo, get in touch or check out our custom logo options on the menu above.

Non-exclusive, 100% free Fitness and Gym Logos. We recommend having a designer customize your logo before you use it commercially.

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Gym Logo
Gym Logo
Runner Logo
Runner Logo
Running Man Logo
Running Man Logo
Supporter Logo
Supporter Logo
Winner Logo
Winner Logo
Physical Training Logo
Physical Training Logo
Kick-Boxing Logo
Kick-Boxing Logo

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Yoga Logo$145 (USD)
Weights Logo 2$145 (USD)
Weights Logo$145 (USD)
Weights & Fitness Logo$145 (USD)
Weightlifting Logo$145 (USD)
Weightlifter Logo$145 (USD)
Weight Loss and Fitness Logo$145 (USD)
Weight Lifter Logo$145 (USD)
Victory Logo$145 (USD)
Training Logo$145 (USD)
Super Sports Logo$145 (USD)
Strong Man Logo$145 (USD)
Strength Training Logo$145 (USD)
Sprinting Logo$145 (USD)
Sprint Logo$145 (USD)


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